ORAV has in progress the following projects:
- Credit and financial institutions. Concept, paradigm and applications (2010-2015)
Team: Brindusa Covaci (coordinator), Osterreichish-Rumanischer Akademischer Verein; Iulian Panait, Hyperion University; Horia Livezeanu, Erste Bank BCR Bausparkasse
- Scientometry for Doctoral Scholarships cross training complex economic and bio for food and feed safety and security of human ecosystems 77082 (2010-2013)

Team: Brindusa Covaci (coordinator), Osterreichish-Rumanischer Akademischer Verein; Iudith Ipate, Romanian Academy; Ioan Curtu, ARACIS; Mariana Stanciu, ARACIS; Amalia Gianina Strateanu, Romanian Academy; Mihai Enache, Romanian Academy

- An explanatory predictive model of suicidal behavior in adolescence (2015-2016)

Team: Florinda Tinella Golu (coordinator), University of Bucharest; Adriana Mihaela Stoica, University of Bucharest; Mihaela Stomff, Hyperion University;

- Scientometry and theology in research and learning approach (2016-2020)

Team: Zoltan Szallos-Farkas (coordinator), Institute for Adventist Theology; Mihai Covaci (responsible), Hyperion University; Victor Velter (responsible), UEFISCDI - ANCS; Brindusa Covaci, Romanian Academy - Institute for World Economy & Institute for Adventist Theology; Roxana Paraschiv, Institute for Adventist Theology; Laurentiu Mot (responsible), Institute for Adventist Theology; Daniel Olariu, Institute for Adventist Theology; Adrian Petre, Institute for Adventist Theology.