We realised that partnerships is the future - this is the reason we already did it. We are opened to all kind of partnerships (academics, business, funds, investments, entertainments, etc.).

Research and Events

Our  researches and events are related with social sciences, eco-bio-sciences and technological sciences. We are represented by prestigious academics, experts and businesspersons. 

ORAV is an international organization that promotes the development of social, technological and eco-bio-sciences and techniques as well as their applications in academic in general and applied in particular. Its main activities revolve around collaboration with academic and business all over the world: research and events (publication of proceedings, books, monographs, journals, events, projects and international funds), learning and internships (forming and training, student practice and insertion on the labour market), partnership (academic, business, NGO's). Their rapid success, portrayed in the warm welcome they received from institutions and academics from all over the globe, allowed them to expand to several more branches. Nowadays ORAV research embrace topics such as Information Science, Economics, Biology and Medicine, Environmental science and many more. Furthermore, some of ORAV publications enjoy a wide recognition by several major Scientific Indexes and as a result many of academics every year entrust their researches to them. Renowned plenary speakers who honor ORAV conferences on a monthly basis contribute to a rich scientific experience.
ORAV chair

Stuart Gilson, Harvard Business School, USA

Stephen Lagakos, Harvard University, USA

Leonid Perlovsky, Harvard University, USA

Brindusa Covaci, CBM International University / CE-MONT, USA

Erhard Busek, ex-Vice Chancellor of the Osterreichish Republik, Austria
Ioan Curtu, ARACIS, Romania
Manoj Jha, Morgan State University, USA
Stefan Friedrichs, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany
Flavio Tonneli, University of Bradford, UK
Valeri Mladenov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Reinhard Neck, University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Bruno Carpentieri, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Roberto Revetria, University of Genoa, Italy
Jeff Niederdeppe, Cornell University, USA
Kami Silk, Michigan State University, USA
Frank Stagnitti, University of Ballarat, Australia
Arménio Pereira, Portuguese Institute of Technology, Portugal
Nick Dayton, University of Tilburg, Netherlands
Peter Mikulecký, University of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Luis Borges Gouveia, University Fernando Pessoa, Portugal
Alexander Zemliak, Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexic
Ole Goethe, Hedmark University College, Norway
Mihai Covaci, CBM International University / Hyperion, USA

Zoran Bojkovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Azami Zaharim, University of Kebangsaan, Malayesia
Janusz Kacprzyk, International Fuzzy Systems Association, Poland

Mariana Domnica Stanciu, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

Oleg Rubel, Institute of Market Problems and Economic-Ecological Researches, Ukraine

In our vision education and learning are keys for an opened, dynamic and efficient society. In order to correct labour market insert, our programmes are strong oriented and applied-based.


Learning and Internship

Hans-Henrik Ohff, Campe & Ohff, Germany

Charles Haagensen, Chambre de Commerce & d'Industrie Marseille Provence, France
Horia Livezeanu, Erste Bank BCR Bausparkasse, Romania
Michele Coletti, Provincia di Milano, Italy
Taka Omuro, Japan Investment Adviser, Japan
George Mouzakitis, e-DEKA, Greece
Minola Jac, Deloitte, Romania
Michal Jarocki, Commerzbank AG, Germany
Pisit Jeungpraditphan, Gereje Corporate Finance, France
Carolina Kapella, Eurobank Equities, Greece
Rhys Lyons, ICAP FX, UK
Blair McAuley, Bank West, Canada

Anca Brosteanu, Maftei GmBH, Austria
Gerard Moyà, Chamber of Commerce in China, China

Adrian Simionescu, Vienna Investment Trust, Romania

Raj Singh, Chase Bank, Kenya

Mladen Stanojevic, Institute Mihailo Pupin, Serbia

Dalibor Starcevic, Rijeka Airport, Croatia

Campbell Steedman, White & Case, USA

Dimitrios Tamvakas, Alpha Asset Management, Greece

Alexandru Maftei, Maftei GmBH, Austria

Danitsja van Winden, ECORYS Research and Consulting, Netherlands

Manon van Leeuwen, EOLAS.S.L., Spain

Osterreichish-Rumanischer Akademischer Verein, 9462-9755 Quebec (ORAV)

The Delhi Streets, 22 Short stories based on life experience of Renowned Author Yadam Ram Kumar from India. All Stories reflrect its real happening in the streets of Delhi where Author has a Played a Rold in Every Story.
This is a Novella authored by Yadam Ram Kumar, a known youth author from India. This Novella is based on 32 years life of Orphan girl named Sunita. She is narrates her story before committing suicide.