Scientific events (seminars, conferences, workshops and round tables):
- European experience for scientific transfer and good practice
Organizers: Romanian Academy, ARACIS, ORAV; Dates: 29 of october 2012
- Food Mondial Day on Romanian Academy - Agricultue, determinant support for food security and safety
Organizers: Romanian Academy, ASAS, ORAV; Date: 16 of october 2012
- Mainstreaming of good practices
Organizers: Romanian Academy, ARACIS, ORAV; Date: 4th of july 2012
- Biostatistics, analyses in the interpretation of the experimental data used in doctoral scientific research
Organizers: Romanian Academy, SIAT, ORAV; Date: 17 of may 2012
- Compliance of the diversity and equal opportunities in correlation with sustainable development and consumer protection
Organizers: Romanian Academy, Titu Maiorescu University, ORAV; Date: 27th of april 2012
-ICT solutions and tools used in scientific research doctorate, logistical support for virtual training platform, monitoring and dissemination of results
Organizers: Romanian Academy, SIAT, ORAV; Dates: 23rd of march 2012, 30 of march 2012, 5th of april 2012
- Research quality - choices?
Organizers: Romanian Academy, ARACIS, ORAV; Date: 14 of march 2012
- Management research in conjunction with food in interdisciplinary fields on biosafety
Organizers: Romanian Academy, ORAV; Date: 11 of october 2011

Business events:
Bausparkasse system in Europe
Organizers: Erste Bank BCR BPL, ORAV; Date: 18th of December 2012